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The Scents


Calm and inviting, cool and clean. Crisp and refreshing to energise and uplift. Light and carefree, effortless and inspiring

Notes: Tasmanian blackcurrant, yuzu, siberian fir, boronia, amyris

Mood: crisp, fresh, cool, invigorated


A unison of scents from native and imported blooms, a floral melody to brighten spirits and usher joy. Pretty and alluring, a seasonal boost of sunshine and happiness

Notes: Jasmine, neroli, Australian sandalwood, pink peppercorn

Mood: calm, elegant, relaxed, sunny


Passion and energy ignited by a spark. Earthy and grounded, smouldering and charred with generous, rich notes based in terra firma

Notes: Tasmanian pepper, juniper, cedarwood, roman chamomile, frankincense 

Mood: seductive, confident, adventurous, bold